Research Mentor Training

Curriculum Options

The research mentor training materials at this site are available for free. When you log in, you will have the choice of downloading a complete seminar or workshop or building your own project.  The discipline-specific cases and curricula are:

There are also some audience-specific adaptations:

Click here for a table that summarizes the curricula content by discipline and key themes of research mentoring.

Pre-made Curricula and Workshops
There are different types of pre-made mentor training programs: 8-Session Curricula or variable length Workshops. Each pre-made “package” comes with:

Build your own Curricula and Workshops login area
Use this link to select discussion topics, individual case studies, and activities for each of six key themes of mentoring.  You will have the option to select materials focused on a single discipline or choose from a range of disciplines with the additional option to download facilitator notes and guiding questions for each specific session.

To access the available materials, please create an account and log in.